• Marczyk Fine Foods 770 E. 17th Ave. 80203 Map | (303) 894-9499 Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm | Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Marczyk Fine Foods 5100 East Colfax 80220 Map | (303) 243-3355 Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm | Sunday 10am-6pm

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Here at Marczyk Fine Foods, we've got a lot to say when it comes to food.

  • The very first Thanksgiving Pete and I spent together was a fiasco! Needless to say, things have gotten better since then...... Read More

    • November 24, 2015
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  • Mr. Marczyk, that pork was like pork I grew up with. It made me want to turn on my oven again!” How did Marczyk’s manage to find pork like this, with the flavor that people remember from their childhood? That literally brought tears of joy to their eyes when they tasted it? Any one of us could hop on the Internet and learn about the Niman Ranch protocols, standards and business plans that set their selection above the rest. But I got to see it first hand, and I’m here to tell you about something that no internet search can explain: it’s about the people.

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  • Surf & Turf is for lovers. And people who love food!... Read More

    • February 12, 2015
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