Day 4
(Dec 16)
Today you can get four different boxes of holiday cookies for very swell prices. Some are from Britain, some are not from Britain, and aren't they called "biscuits" in Britain? Regardless, check out these cookies and/or biscuits. Friends & Family prices good today (12/16) only.
Amaretti Del Chiostro Tower Tin: F&F $10.99 (reg $13.99) | Amaretti Del Chiostro Soft Cookies Box: F&F $4.99 (reg $5.99) | Walkers Festive Shapes Tin: F&F $8.99 (reg $10.99) | Walkers Union Jack Tin: F&F $8.99 (reg $10.99)
Yes, the proportions are accurate. That's a really big hand.