• Marczyk Fine Foods 770 E. 17th Ave. 80203 Map | (303) 894-9499 Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm | Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Marczyk Fine Foods 5100 East Colfax 80220 Map | (303) 243-3355 Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm | Sunday 10am-6pm

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About Us

Learn more about Denver's favorite neighborhood market and how it all got started!

We love food, and we love people who love food!

Back in the day, Pete Marczyk’s love of food forced him to drive all over Denver to get the ingredients he really wanted to make great meals for his family.  “I can’t be the only one,” he thought, and the idea for Marczyk Fine Foods was born. Both he and his wife, Barbara Macfarlane, remembered tagging along with their moms to the neighborhood butcher, the little grocer, and the farm stands in their New England towns.  They grew up with a tradition of quality over convenience.  So as the grocery world got mega, Pete envisioned a grocery business that would go micro.  He wanted to offer all the quality and attention to detail of the tiny mom & pop shops of his youth, but in a thriving, urban environment that offers it conveniently under one roof.  That’s why we have an in-house butcher, a bakery where we make all our bread from scratch using organic, local flour, and we even use some of our own family recipes in our prepared foods kitchen (like Barbara’s sister Mamie’s famous Mac & Cheese and Pete’s Mom’s Potato Salad), and so much more.

Great food, made with love, by people who care.

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