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Meet The Marczyks

Get to know the people who started this company.

Pete Marczyk, Co-founder and CEO
The Name on the Door

Pete claims he would never have had a second date in his life if not for his ability to cook.  We don’t know about that, but we do know that he really, really loves to eat and drink and cook.  He created Marczyk Fine Foods way back in 2002 with the help of his wife Barbara.  Everything from the layout of the meat cases to the products on the shelves came from the vision he created all those years ago.  He also had the good sense to hire his brother, two years later, as manager of operations.  Pete continues to head the family business, pushing his long-term vision of sustainability and growth in a scalable neighborhood market concept.  You might also catch him foraging for Rocky Mountain Porcini or skiing with his family in his free time.  Our award-winning Pork Green Chile is one of his favorite things in the universe (it should be, since he’s the one who painstakingly developed the recipe). You can learn more about his story in this episode of Great Ingredients!

Paul Marczyk, President
Leader of the Reality Party

Paul Marczyk really, really loves tacos.  He was also a leader in the fast-growing craft brew industry in the 80’s and 90’s, starting as a brewer at Wynkoop Brewing Company and moving up the ladder at other local breweries.  After opening and running two different brewpubs in California and Colombia, he returned to Denver ready for a new adventure (not to mention fluent in Spanish!).  Since he joined the company in 2004, he has helped us to improve operations by pushing his mantra of “focus, focus, focus” and applying consistency and reliability to everything we do.  In his free time, you might catch him swinging around the kettle bells or skiing with his brother.  The key to his heart is a simple liverwurst sandwich made with Continental Sausage’s Westphalian liverwurst and his favorite quick and easy dinner is our market-made chicken enchiladas because “man… those are good.”

Barbara Macfarlane, Co-founder and former CMO
The Queen Bee

Barbara was the marketing director of Marczyk Fine Foods since she first helped open our doors with her husband Pete, in 2002.  Ever since then, she’s been the brains behind our brand building and placement in the Denver grocery world, lending over 25 years of Denver marketing and PR experience.  In 2014 she decided to pass her marketing torch on and spend some time with their son, but remains a key figure in the company working on our community outreach, non-profit partnerships and local and national PR.  She insists you try the oven fried chicken in the summer, and the Cuban pork and beans in the winter.  And the cheeses, all of them!

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