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Our Story

Find out how it all began... the story of Marczyk Fine Foods.

It all started in April of 2002…

That’s when we first opened the doors to Marczyk Fine Foods.  Pete Marczyk has always been passionate about great ingredients, but was frustrated at having to drive all over Denver to find them.  One place for fish, another for meat, another for produce… you get the picture.  Pete raised the funds to start his market, hired the contractor, found the staff and filled the shelves with products Denver had never seen under one roof:  sustainably raised beef, pork and lamb from family farms, unique and interesting Italian imports, old fashioned sodas, milk in glass bottles, amazing Colorado-made products, and so much more.  Marczyk blew up the Denver scene with the help of Pete's wife and partner Barbara Macfarlane, who drew on her 20 years of press contacts to get the word out on this great new addition to Denver. It was around this time that our CFO, Rob Jones, joined forces with Marczyk’s and he kept our financials and HR in order and running smoothly.

A couple of years later…

Paul Marczyk, Pete’s younger brother and our fearless Leader of the Reality Party, came on board as general manager.  Through his tireless (seriously, the guy is inexhaustible) efforts he helped us refine our focus.  We were starting to become what our customers really needed:  a neighborhood market where people could get great ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner or really excellent prepared food for an easy meal.

And where are we today?

We opened a second location in 2011 at the corner of Colfax and Fairfax, in a building that once was a Safeway store.  Same great ingredients, plus a great, big kitchen to create all our prepared foods. In 2012 we celebrated our first store’s 10 year anniversary.  That same year Pete and Paul's long-time dream of starting an in-house bakery for fresh baguettes and sandwich breads came to fruition.  Our special events, like summer burger nights, our Colfax anniversary clambake, and the fall pig roast continue to build community, and the Colorado offerings just get better and better. Stay tuned, because there's always something great being cooked up at Marczyk's!

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