Niman Ranch Dry-Aged Ribeyes

1-pound steaks:
F&F online-only: $26.99/lb
(reg $29.99/lb)
Dry-ageing the beef changes it in two ways. First, moisture evaporates from the muscle. This desiccation process creates a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste. Second, natural enzymes in the beef break down the connective tissue in the muscle, resulting in crazy-tender beef. AND it's Niman Ranch beef, flat-out the best beef available.

Flying B Bar Ranch Grass-Fed Top Sirloin

8- or 16-ounce steaks: $14.99/lb
It seems weird that when a rancher raises cows the way they're supposed to be raised, these cows are being raised "differently." The Flying B Bar Ranch raises 100% grass-fed cows in Strasburg — just 15 miles east of DIA — and treats them humanely their whole lives and slaughters them humanely, with appreciation and respect, and this is somehow "different." Whatever. It would be nice if all cows were raised this way, but they're not, which makes the way Flying B Bar does it even more special.

Brad and Margaret Buchanan and their kids, Grace and Will, raise these cows. It's all grass — no grain-finishing, no hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics — which is what Nature had in mind when she invented cows. This takes longer to get a cow to weight — 6 to 12 months longer — but it's no big whoop at Flying B Bar Ranch. It's just the way they do things. 

All of this love, care and respect culminates in grass-fed beef that is like no other you have eaten. Treat yourself and the beef lovers in your life with this remarkable grass-fed beef.