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Berry Patch Farms

Owners Tim & Claudia Ferrell started this certified organic farm in 1991 and they've been growing some of the most beautiful, delicious produce in Colorado ever since.

Welcome to Berry Patch Farms

There's no better place to get to know your food than at the scenic 40-acre plot of land in Brighton called Berry Patch Farms. You get a sense of welcome as soon as you step on the grounds (the big sign certainly helps!), where you'll see chickens and turkeys happily roaming around freely, a big, cheerful red barn which houses the farm market, fields of flowers, herbs, fruits & vegetables and lots of beautiful open sky. Not to mention, if you pay them a visit during growing season you'll get to pick your own fruits and vegetables!

Here at Marczyk, we've been big fans of Berry Patch Farms for years. In the late summer we stock up on their beautiful heirloom melons, their flavorful tomatoes and their spicy Joe Parker chile peppers. Can we talk about the peppers for a second? They are really something special, not only because it can be really difficult to grow good peppers in Colorado (they require high temperatures that we don't typically get) but also because of the unique variety that Claudia chooses to grow. The Joe Parker chile is a flavorful, meaty variety of Anaheim and we love it so much, we buy huge quantities at harvest time. Claudia brings us their rotating chile roaster and we flame-roast them all in one day. We then freeze the majority of the chiles and use them all year long in things like The Local sandwich in the deli and our award-winning Pork Green Chile. Last year, we even used a bunch of them to make our own Marczyk Green Chile Salsa!

New Mexico has the Hatch Valley... we have Berry Patch Farms!

Even the chickens are feeling the love at Berry Patch Farms! That's because the Ferrells are true stewards of their land committed to sustainable, organic agriculture and humane & loving treatment of all their farm animals. We come back to this farm each year because we know their produce is some of the best in Colorado and because we love supporting small family farmers who are doing things right. If you are looking to get to know your food better, you need look no further than this family farm.

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