You know what they say about gift boxes: They're boxes full of gifts. And if there are foodies in your life, they just might like being paired up with one or more of our fair contestants below. Without further ado or any our contestants.

GIFT BOX CONTESTANT #1... a particularly potent package of prizes for your pantry. If someone you know suffers from Old Mother Hubbard syndrome, cure their bare cupboarditis with this gift box. They'll have fine Spanish olive oil and Colorado honey on hand; they'll have aged balsamic and Spanish broth on hand; and they'll have jarred Italian tomatoes, grilled Italian veggies, meat & fish rub, and exquisite Italian pasta on hand. That cupboard has now ceased to be bare.
• 1 Marczyk 2-Year Aged Balsamic Vinegar
• 1 Marczyk Estepa DOP EVOO
• 1 cut Rustichella d’Abruzzo pasta
• 1 Aneto broth
• 1 Masseria Mirogallo Whole Peeled Italian Tomato
• 1 triangular box thingie of Char Crust Meat & Fish rub
• 1 Il Grilliatore Grilled Italian Veggies
• 1 Bjorn’s Colorado Wildflower Honey
The Marczyk Pantry Gift Box: $99.99

GIFT BOX CONTESTANT #2... a suite of sweets, and a trough-y of coffee. (That was a sad, sad rhyme.) This box is for that person who gets energized via their taste buds: the rich, Fair Trade chocolates; the slightly salty savoriness of the best caramels on the planet; the sour-then-sweet Celestial Sours gummies; and Marczyk whole bean coffee — nothing bitter, nothing ordinary, and nothing not exceptional about Marczyk Coffees.
• 1 bag of Marczyk coffee
• 1 bar of Tony’s Chocolonely
• 2 Marich snack pouches
• 1 Market Pick Jerry’s Celestial Sours
• 4 Serendipity Sea Salt Caramels
Need a Little Pick-Me-Up Gift Box: $59.99

GIFT BOX CONTESTANT #3... a robust Italian dinner for you, and when we say Italian, this stuff is straight outta artisanal Italy: Rustichella d'Abruzzo pasta, Terlato hand-crafted pasta sauce, and Orti d'Italia Bruschetta. Throw in one of our Marczyk-made ciabattas, shaved parmesan, and a bottle of single-source Spanish or Italian olive oil and you've just increased the "Oooooh...Impressive!" level of this dinner to davvero incredibilmente favoloso.
• 1 cut Rustichella d’Abruzzo pasta
• 1 jar Terlato Kitchen pasta sauce
• 1 package Orti d’Italia bruschetta (NOT TOMATO FLAVOR)
• 1 Marczyk ciabatta
• 1 package Belgioioso shaved parmesan
• 1 EVOO: Giacomo Mori OR Oro Bailen OR Olivar de La Luna
Marczyk Family Dinner Gift Box: $59.99

GIFT BOX CONTESTANT #4... a hot-headed collection from around these parts. These are salsas and hot sauces from Colorado and they should satisfy the person who simply wants a smidge of extra heat or flavor while simultaneously appeasing the person who dedicates her/his life to quaffing a menacing cocktail of nine-alarm hot sauces.
• 1 Real Dill Green Chile hot sauce
• 1 Merfs Condiments hot sauce
• 1 Seed Ranch hot sauce
• 1 Saso hot sauce
• 1 Saso salsa
• 1 Rocky Mountain Salsa Company salsa
• 1 TAQ salsa
Get Saucy: $79.99


...hits that sweet spot of being highly munchable and highly brag-aboutable, because these are some quality morsels. The ROKA cheese crackers alone may leave [name here] in a stupified happy-coma, but then when [name here] starts in on the Vermont Uncured Smoked Pepperoni and Grafton Village 2-year aged cheddar cheese, he/she will be so incalculably thankful that you gave him/her this gift box because there's so much in it that [name here] will have plenty left for after his/her next green experience.
• 1 Market Pick Jerry’s Smoky Cheesy Goodness
• 1 Market Pick Jerry’s Barstool Crunch
• 1 Mario Fongo Mini Lingua crackers
• 1 ROKA crackers
• 1 Grafton Black Wax 2-Year Aged Cheddar
• 1 Vermont Uncured Smoked Pepperoni
• 2 Niman presliced charcuterie
• 1 bar of Tony’s Chocolonely
• 4 Serendipity Sea Salt Caramels
Hope You Didn't Spend All Your Money On Pot: $79.99