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Special online deals on mushrooms

Locally grown mushrooms by Front Range Fungi — except for the morels, which, alas, must be foraged the old-fashioned way.

Save $1 on each four-ounce container of these special mushrooms ($4.99/each online; $5.99 regular) — except for morels, which are $24.99 per four-ounce container, but then those are really special mushrooms. Read about each mushroom below. 

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King Trumpet Mushrooms
King Trumpet (also King Oyster) mushrooms are beautiful, gentle giants, not unlike a Newfoundland. They are tall and wide and boast a large white stem with a small brown-grey cap. Similar to tofu, they absorb all flavors they encounter and can assimilate into nearly any dish. Their flavor profile is similar to that of Portobello/Cremini mushrooms, but their colossal size allows for many more options. King Trumpet mushrooms have a rather firm texture, but once cooked they are excellently chewy and incredible to bite into.
HEALTH BENEFITS: King Oyster mushrooms have antioxidants that help to keep disease away. The antioxidant in this mushroom comes in the form of an amino acid known as ergothioneine, which cleanses sensitive areas of the body such as the eyes, kidneys, and liver. King Oysters also carry statins, which are disease-fighting compounds. The particular compound found in the King Oyster mushroom is called Lovastatin, which helps to clear cholesterol from the circulatory system.
Local King Trumpet Mushrooms
$4.99/4oz online ($5.99 reg)

Lion's Mane Mushrooms
Lion’s Mane mushrooms are unique, from the pom-pom-esque shape to the way that it cooks. Plus, if you put a little pair of sunglasses on one, you'd have Cousin It. Before you go slicing up your Lion’s Mane mushrooms, try gently pulling them apart with your fingers. They shred like chicken breasts and are very easy to cook with. They hold their shape throughout cooking and have a slight lobster-like taste, but they also seem to absorb the flavors of everything else, like most mushrooms do.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Lion’s Mane is commonly found in nootropic supplements today, enhancing brain functions. It, like most mushrooms, is also thought to contain anti-cancer properties. Lion’s Mane is a powerful brain food, stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF) production. NGF aids in maintaining neurons. Along with producing NGF, Lion’s Mane alleviates symptoms of neuro-degenerative diseases.

This mushroom has also been shown to reduce feelings of irritability and anxiety, which also suggests it may work for mild symptoms of depression. Lion’s Mane is rich in antioxidants, improving gut health and supporting cardiovascular health. This is truly one amazing shroom.
Local Lion's Mane Mushrooms
$4.99/4oz online ($5.99 reg)

Golden Oyster Mushrooms
Golden Oyster mushrooms are quite stunning in clusters. If undercooked, these mushrooms can be bitter and a bit off-putting (good word, "off-putting"), but when cooked crispy they take on a strong nutty flavor that is quite delicious, a taste similar to cashews. The mushroom can be cooked until it is crispy, and the tiny flaky caps can substitute for bacon bits — a nice addition to salads. Unfortunately, the brilliant yellow color is almost entirely lost during cooking.
HEALTH BENEFITS: Oyster mushrooms are low in fat yet rich in fiber, protein, potassium, vitamin B-6, folate, iron and niacin. Mushrooms are one of the few plant-based foods that can supply vitamin D. Ergosterol is found in mushrooms and it turns into vitamin D as it is exposed to ultraviolet light. To enhance the vitamin D content of your mushrooms, set them in the sun for an hour before cooking. Oyster mushrooms and other fungi are the only sources of ergothioneine, which functions as an antioxidant and lowers systemic inflammation.
Local Golden Oyster Mushrooms
$4.99/4oz online ($5.99 reg)

The morel looks like no mushroom from planet earth. They look like an M.C. Escher drawing of brain synapses. The morel is hollow, unlike pretty much every other mushroom, and when you cut it cross-ways you get rings, like if you had hollowed out a carrot before slicing it, all the way down to the stem. Morels have thin skin, so they offend easily, and the nutty, meaty flavor is concentrated in that skin, yet the texture of morels is delicate and light. Why are they more expensive? The complex, symbiotic relationship that the morel mycelium have with trees is very difficult to replicate in an artificial environment; therefore, foraging for morels must commence, which often takes a lot of time and can often mean battling the elements, insects, perhaps raccoons and bears. Suffice it to say that morels are not easy to come by.