Tuesday 9-24-2019 Newsletter

Who hasn't had their grilling experience thwarted by some teenage sleuths snooping around? It's a huge problem. Our advice: If you're attracting adolescent sherlocks because you're dressing up like a wolfman — and staying in character 24/7 and acting like a wolfman even when no one's looking — just so you can scare everyone away from the buried treasure in your neighbor's yard, maybe DON'T do that and grill some Niman Ranch ribeyes instead. They're so tender and so ridiculously flavorful that they actually offend other steaks, which is understandable. Forget the buried treasure; go for the ribeyes. 
Niman Ranch Boneless Ribeyes & Boneless Rib Roasts
Friends & Family: $19.99/lb
(reg $23.99/lb)
price good thru Sunday 9/29
Yes, we have monkfish.
Monkfish is a fish that is far too ugly to appear in a family email such as this. Monkfish fillets, however, are beautiful. (Our stalwart hand model successfully wrangled a monkfish fillet for the photo.) This fish, named after jazz genius Thelonious Monk (he always had one on his piano), is firm and meaty and beautifully white when cooked. And yes, it has been called "the poor man's lobster" because of its lovely sweet taste. (And it has been called "the poor llama's llobster," but not very often because llamas are typically affluent.) We got such a good deal on monkfish that we can offer it to you for a great F&F price.
Friends & Family: $13.99/lb
(reg $18.99/lb)
price good thru Sunday 9/29
Did you know...
every year at about this time we have a special on Terlato Kitchen pasta sauces (straight outta Italy!). This is cool for two reasons: (1) We are the only place in Denver where you'll find Terlato; (2) You save money on the best pasta sauce we've ever come across; (3) oh, and a third reason — there are six different small-batch-produced sauces, so you can have a different sauce each night of the week (except for Wednesday...no one eats pasta on Wednesday) as you binge-watch Fleabag all week.
Terlato Kitchens Pasta Sauces
$9.99/ea (reg $11.99/ea)
6 for $53.94 (save $18 — mix'n'match)