Friday 10-4-2019 Newsletter

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Pig Roast is tomorrow.
What do all classic films have in common? They all have a pig roast. Nosferatu? Pig roast. Rebel Without a Cause? Twelve pig roasts. Casablanca? That whole movie is a metaphor for a pig roast, not to mention the pig roast at the very end of the movie on the airfield. Is that why we have our Pig Roast? No, we hold our annual Pig Roast because we love Niman Ranch pork and we want to share it with everyone, and we love the baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, BBQ sauces, cornbread muffins, and chocolate chunk cookies that we make, all of which will accompany slow-roasted Niman Ranch pork shoulder on your plate and will cost only $15.99. Just show up at our 17th Ave store tomorrow from 11:30 to 2pm.
Can't Make the Pig Roast?
Order a Pig Roast Kit. We have two sizes, one that's enough for two and one that's enough for four. And that's two or four people we're talking about, not salamanders or gibbons. Our Pig Roast Kits contain all the comestibles mentioned above for you to eat however and wherever you'd like. (You could take a Pig Roast Kit to Four Corners, sit on the marker, and eat a pork dinner in four states at once. Has anyone ever done that? We're skeptical.) We will close orders for Pig Roast Kits at 8pm tonight.
The Annual Marczyk Pig Roast
$15.99/person (just show up!)
Pig Roast Kits
$29.99/enough for 2
$49.99/enough for 4
Our new location
As you may have heard already, Marczyk Fine Foods will be inhabiting the vacant Safeway building at Hampden & Happy Canyon. And not just "inhabiting" in a haunted way. We'll be doing all of the things there that we've been doing for years in our two current stores, and we're very excited. Look for us to open our new store late in 2020.
Masseria Mirogallo tomatoes
These tomatoes are our favorites and they're yours, too. Are you saying to yourself, "I didn't know I had a favorite tomato"? Well, you do, because you've always loved Italian tomatoes grown in Italian volcanic soil under Italian sunshine. And you've always loved that the same people who grow them are the ones who jar them and ship them to us. And you've always loved that these tomatoes will make your sauces and chili and stews and soups combust with flavor.
Masseria Mirogallo Tomatoes
$6.99/ea (save $1)
$37.99/case of 6 (save $9.95)