Friday 9-13-2019 Newsletter

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Live the dream with our Ela Peach Ice Cream
When waffleconium, the ice cream atom, was discovered in the late 90s, everyone thought it would revolutionize ice cream. But waffleconium on its own makes some pretty average ice cream. We have always preferred making our own base, which is unheard of, and then going from there.

So it is with our Ela Peach Ice Cream. The simplest of ingredients — fresh milk and cream from Morning Fresh Dairy, sugar, eggs, peaches from Ela Family Farms, and lemon juice — collaborate to create a judiciously jazzy jumble of flavors. Yeah, we make really good ice cream. 
Marczyk-Made Ela Peach Ice Cream
Friends & Family: $8.99/pint
(reg $9.99/pt)
Live another dream with our Melon Sorbet
It's well known that there's no waffleconium in sorbet. In fact, there is no sorbet atom, but there is a right way to make sorbet, and we've got it down. For this particular sorbet we combined Colorado melons, sugar, lemon juice, sea salt, and an all-natural stabilizer (to keep it, well, stabilized). And that's it. And then we did whatever else it is we do and came up with a wonderfully textured cantaloupe sorbet that will make you yearn for the old days when we all — every last one of us — used to get home from work at precisely 5:05, remind ourselves that the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42, and have a nice cool bowl of sorbet. Or maybe that was in The Martian Chronicles or something. Anyway, this stuff rocks.
Marczyk-Made Colorado Melon Sorbet
Friends & Family: $7.99/pint
(reg $8.99/pt)