Friday 9-27-2019 Newsletter

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Yep, our Annual Pig Roast is a-comin' 'round the bend on October 5, just like those trains of old, except there's not really a bend, nor is there a train, so Pig Roast is actually approaching nothing like a train. What is Pig Roast anyway? Very unlike how we roast a train, we slow-roast Niman Ranch pork shoulder, then pull it apart and serve it with our market-made BBQ sauces (one spicy, one not so much), baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, corn bread muffins, and a chocolate chunk cookie. All out in front of our 17th & Clarkson store.
Pig Roast Kits
Are you going to be riding a train 'round the bend the afternoon of Oct. 5? We thought of you, too. You can order a Pig Roast Kit for 2 or for 4 by going to our website, we'll pack a box with all of the goodness mentioned above, and then you can pick it up later on Saturday the 5th or on Sunday the 6th. This way you can maintain your train-traveling ways and still get your recommended daily allowance of pulled pork.
The Annual Marczyk Pig Roast
$15.99/person (just show up!)
Pig Roast Kits
$29.99/enough for 2
$49.99/enough for 4
Yes, we have Tillamook.
Sometimes it helps to understand a word by breaking it down. Let's examine Tillamook:
• "Till" comes from the Antarctican for "let's make some cheese"
• "a" is the English indefinite article (sorry it isn't flashier than a mere article)
• "moo" is obvious — sound of a cow — milk — there's milk in cheese
• "k" doesn't really belong here
So we have Tillamook meaning, "Let's make some cheese, moo," which is fitting, because Tillamook makes some very fine cheese — straight outta Oregon with no fillers, no hormones, milk from family farms — and we carry it now.
Tillamook Cheeses
• Colby Jack Bar: Friends & Family $3.49/ea (reg $3.99/ea)
• Extra Sharp and Smoked Cheddar Bars: F&F $4.99/ea (reg $5.49/ea)
• Sliced Swiss, Pepper Jack, Medium White Cheddar, & Sharp Cheddar: F&F $4.99/ea (reg $5.49/ea)