Tuesday 10-8-2019 Newsletter

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This overhead photo of a campfire from the Civil War — painstakingly hand-colored and of remarkable clarity for such an old photo — reveals just how much they loved their New York Strips.
Everyone has a story about a New York Strip...
...even from the Civil War, as this letter illustrates:
My dearest Augustina,
We reached Appomattox this afternoon, and tonight, my darling, our repast is under the stars. McCracken lit upon some New York Strips, we still do not know from where, and they are a far cry from the embalmed beef to which we are accustomed. Usually New York Strips are as scarce as hen's teeth, but McCracken knows how to find things. The buttery loveliness and kindly tenderness of a New York Strip adjusts my heart into a state of purest blessedness. Peterson nearly ravaged his New York with ketchup but McCracken swiped the bottle from his hand and proclaimed, "Are you a savage? Garlic, salt, pepper, and an abundance of olive oil are all you need." McCracken always has olive oil, we still do not know from where. Until later, my cherished one, because McCracken just brought forth the sour cream for the baked potatoes.
Create your own story, even if it's just, "Man, that New York strip was incredible," which will be most of our stories. 
Niman Ranch New York Strips
$19.99/lb (reg $23.99/lb)
Price good through Sunday 10/13
Four very fine fishes.

We continue our October love affair with Niceland Seafood by telling you that you can still get wolffish, arctic char, cod loin, and ocean perch on special for another 23 days or so. Niceland is at the cutting edge, the forefront, the vanguard {puts away thesaurus} of what it means to provide sustainable seafood. Not only do they want to preserve fish populations, but they want to treat the fishing families in Iceland fairly. (We receive this fish the day after it's caught. Seriously.)

Friends & Family: $14.99/lb
(reg $16.99/lb)
Cod Loins
Friends & Family: $15.99/lb
(reg $16.99/lb)
Ocean Perch
Friends & Family: $12.99/lb
(reg $14.99/lb)
Arctic Char
Friends & Family: $15.99/lb
(reg $16.99/lb)
Aneto Broths
We love to break it to you, but these broths are your favorites. They're straight outta Spain. They're made with free-range chicken* and fresh vegetables that are simmered on low heat for hours. Throw in some water and some sea salt and you have the most memorable broths that your memory can possibly mem**. They're perfect for soups and stews, and they're exactly what you need if you're sickly.

*except the veggie broth; chickens haven't been declared vegetables yet
**they're so good that you'll invent words
Aneto Broths
$5.99/ea (reg $6.99)
2 for $9.99 (save $3.99)