Tuesday 10-1-2019 Newsletter

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Niceland Seafood is masterminding an October invasion of our seafood cases. In a good way. Niceland (they added a letter to the name of a country — yes, they added a D to the country of Nicelan, which is somewhere in the North Atlantic, we think) is all about sustainability and traceability: They're not only committed to environmental and community sustainability, but they are completely transparent about where their fish come from (Iceland) and the journey their fish take to get to us. We'll be talking a lot about Niceland Seafood throughout October, and you can enjoy some October seafood specials.
October Seafood Specials
(prices good all through October)
Friends & Family: $14.99/lb
(reg $16.99/lb)
Cod Loins
Friends & Family: $15.99/lb
(reg $16.99/lb)
Ocean Perch
Friends & Family: $12.99/lb
(reg $14.99/lb)
Arctic Char
Friends & Family: $15.99/lb
(reg $16.99/lb)