Friday 9-20-2019 Newsletter

Niman Ranch beef: It is the best.
We're concerned. We're concerned that you're not eating enough ribeyes. This is the last weekend of summer, so let the good times roll with more ribeyes in your life. Or get several boneless ribeyes in one handy unified package: a boneless rib roast. That way you can say, "Yes, I'm cooking a fine, fine dinner for me and my best friend and my best friend's girl and probably my chiropractor's bowling instructor's garden hose detangler." And upon tasting said rib roast, they will all say in unison, "That's just what I needed." And you'll say, "Yeah, I'm in touch with your world," as you put on sunglasses.
Niman Ranch Boneless Rib Roasts and Ribeyes
Friends & Family: $19.99/lb
(reg $23.99/lb)
price good thru Sunday 9/29
Cypress Grove Fresh Goat Cheese Cups
Our hand model is not only holding three Cypress Grove goat cheese cups at once, but he's doing so while on a unicycle on a seesaw on a speeding light rail train. Don't cha stop, hand model. Do what you do. (He's tireless.)

Upon seeing the mere packaging of Little Red Corvette (savory), Sweet Dreams (sweet), Danger Zone (spicy), and Straight Up (straight up goat cheese), you'll look at your other goat cheese and think to yourself, "You're all I've got tonight?" And after tasting these Cypress Grove cheeses you'll say, "Bye bye, love," to that other goat cheese. Little Red Corvette, Danger Zone and Sweet Dreams may make you feel as if you're moving in stereo, so full of flavor are they. We can't promise a taste sensation if you take all three and get them all mixed up, but hey, it's your taste adventure.
Cypress Grove Spreadable Dippable Goat Cheeses
Friends & Family: $4.49/ea
(reg $5.49/ea)