Real food made by real people. Really.

When's the last time you purchased a ready-to-eat meal at the market and thought to yourself, "Wow! This is just as good as homemade!" Here at Marczyk's, we think that just because people sometimes need their food fast doesn't mean they should have to eat fast food. Our kitchen makes all of our prepared offerings from scratch, using the same great ingredients you can find on our shelves. We even use old family recipes, like Pete's Mom's Potato Salad or Barb's sister Mamie's Mac & Cheese!

What's for dinner?

We have a wide variety of soups, salads, entrees and sides that are the perfect answer to that question. Try our famous chicken enchiladas, from our long-time cook Francisco's recipe, with a side of Mexican rice, or our succulent Cuban Pork with black beans, made with sweet roasted bananas and a touch of magic. Insider tip: our award-winning Pork Green Chile stew makes a mind-blowingly delicious topping over a nice, big baked potato! And our fresh, cool Gazpacho with a side of Moroccan hummus makes a pretty perfect meal for when you just don't even want to think about turning on your oven.

Party Time

Having some friends over and need to put together a scratch-made Marczyk spread? We've got you covered, with everything from guacamole to smoked salmon spread (don't forget the freshly toasted crostini from the bakery department).

Marczyk Bros. Ice Cream

Not-so-way-back in the Summer of 2013, we started making ice cream. But not just any ice cream: We bought the best ingredients we could find, like local Morning Fresh milk and cream, and freshly cracked local eggs to make our ice cream base from scratch. Almost nobody else makes ice cream this way, and everybody thought we were crazy to try it, but we wanted to make really real ice cream out of ingredients we could trust. Now we have tons of delicious flavors from the Very Best Vanilla to Pete's signature flavor, Paperboy Crunch. Fun fact: Paperboy Crunch was inspired by one of Pete's fondest childhood memories: He had a paper route when he was a kid, and one of his customers was a kindly neighbor who used to let him in for a cold drink or, on special days, a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with crushed Ritz crackers and a drizzle of maple syrup on top. This salty-sweet taste of nostalgia might just end up being your favorite ice cream flavor, and you won't find it anywhere else but here at Marczyk Fine Foods.


We'll answer anything, from what Chef D-Bomb's favorite song is to how we make our pico de gallo.