The Marczyk bakery starts with the best ingredients.

Remember the taste of Grandma's homemade pies or your Dad's freshly baked bread? We do, too. That's why our baked goods are made from scratch by real people using real ingredients and timeless recipes. Not because it's easier (it isn't) but because it tastes like the stuff your parents and grandparents used to make and nothing is better than that.

We're pretty sure Marczyk is the only pie-making company in Denver that renders its own Niman Ranch lard for our old-timey pie crust! We use the exact same great ingredients that you'll find on our grocery shelves to create our scratch-made baked goods — ingredients like Guittard chocolate, Nielsen-Massey Vanilla, Plugra butter, and freshly cracked local eggs.


In 2012, Pete and Paul Marczyk decided that if we were going to sell the best bread in town, we were going to have to make it ourselves. Baked with artisan flour and made by hand, not machine, these loaves have won the hearts of bread lovers all over Denver. We make loaves for sale in the market and also supply our deli with freshly baked bread for all our delicious sandwiches. Searching for the perfect, authentic baguette? We've had former residents of France tell us that ours is the best baguette they've had here in the states.

Baked Goods

Our bakery creates classic interpretations of all your favorite sweet treats like rich, fudgy brownies, chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies and more, plus a seasonal assortment of pies and quiches made using (you guessed it!) our famous lard-and-butter crust. What's so great about a lard-and-butter crust? Well, we probably don't have to tell you that our best-quality lard from Niman Ranch has a ton of flavor, but it also makes the crust turn out super tender and flaky. Other folks might get the same effect using that fake stuff that rhymes with Frisco, but we go for the good stuff.


A special occasion deserves a special treat! During Thanksgiving and Christmas we roll out a ton of great pies in seasonal flavors like Pumpkin and Pecan. Keep your eyes peeled for our special holiday sugar cookies and look for our dense, fruity, sweet and boozy handmade Stollen to make a special appearance in December.


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