The Truth is in the Taste

Right after we opened in 2002, we got a call from a customer: "That pork I bought reminds me of the pork I ate growing up. It's worth turning my stove on again!" We care a lot about selecting the best-quality meat and seafood that we can get our hands on, not only because it's better for our food system and better for the environment, but, you know, it tastes really great.


Our main source for beef, pork and lamb is Niman Ranch, who purchases their beef and pork from a network of small family farms where animals have room to roam, are fed clean vegetarian feed, and are never-ever treated with antibiotics or hormones. These thoughtful farming practices translate into the best-tasting meat in Denver. The remarkably close relationship Marczyk Fine Foods shares with Niman Ranch is rare among retailers. Visit to learn more about a producer who has been working to change the way America eats for over 30 years.


Try our Marczyk Roadkill Rooster, a marinated, spatchcocked chicken that is ready to cook and perfect for throwing on the grill. We also have duck and goose available frozen and a variety of market-made marinated chicken breasts and chicken sausages. During the holidays we stock up on both natural and heirloom varieties of turkeys.


World-class seafood in Denver? Absolutely! In fact, Sunset Magazine even suggests Marczyk's for fish (scroll down to "Colorado"). We get fresh seafood deliveries every day, from all over the world. We source our seafood from vendors like Seattle Fish, a Denver company that has been supplying the highest-quality seafood available in the world to Denver and the Rocky Mountain area since 1918.  

Full-Service Butcher

We have a full-time expert butcher named Jimmy who can cut meat like nobody's business. Our attention to quality doesn't end with our careful sourcing practices — we also want to ensure that every piece of meat we purchase is handled properly and cut perfectly. The bonus for customers? Jimmy will cut any piece of meat to your specifications. If you want to see this guy in action, he even has a cool video on our youtube channel — check it out!

Old-School Cool

Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? Check the freezer section! We've got a bunch of great, hard-to-find items to keep your meals interesting, like whole rabbit, specialty sausages like Merguez, and so much more. If you don't see what you're looking for, be sure to stop by the meat counter and ask our friendly experts. If we don't have it in house, we can probably special order it!


If you'd like to know anything — anything at all — just ask it. But probably limit it to meat-related topics. We'd have to heavily research questions about quantum mechanics.