Not everything. Just everything you need.

Explore the shelves throughout each market and you will discover a veritable treasure trove of great ingredients. Of course we have all the staples like milk, flour, butter and eggs, but did you also know that we carry all sorts of unique and hard-to-find ingredients like anchovy extract or huitlacoche? Whether you're throwing together a fast and easy dinner or taking a whole weekend to cook an elaborate dish, we've got everything you need to make a great meal.

Market Picks

These are our everyday basics sourced from trusted, value-driven companies that we feel so great about, we're willing to put our name on them! Our Marczyk water is bottled locally at the source, created by harvesting rain and snow from the Rocky Mountains. Our Marczyk olive oil is the perfect all-purpose Spanish EVOO that you can use for both cooking and finishing, and it's also a great value! Look for other Market picks throughout the store, like our balsamic vinegar, dried heirloom beans from Leffler Farms, and so much more.

The everyday

If you're a grocer, you've gotta have milk and eggs. But did you know that we always have a local choice for both? Look for our old-timey milk in glass bottles from local dairy Morning Fresh. Our bulk eggs (the Bring Your Own Carton ones) are delivered all the way from Nunn, in Northern Colorado near the border of Wyoming, from a tiny chicken farm called Penny's Eggs.

The hard-to-find

These are the ingredients that chefs and home cooks alike will drool over. The unique pantry staple that you read about in the latest issue of Bon Appetit that you're dying to try, or that specialty item that you absolutely have to have for a specific recipe. Or, the ingredients that can inspire you to come up with your own unusual creations! The anchovy extracts, the bottarga salt, a bottle of orange blossom water, or that jar of exquisite Italian tomatoes. You might not even know you need these things, but if you call yourself a foodie: you do.


Please send us any question you might have about the groceries we carry. We promise to respond in a swift manner, as if we saw the Bat Signal.