Do you love food?

What a coincidence! Because that's kind of our thing.

Nobody goes to college to study to be in the grocery business, it's true. But the grocery business — at least this one — is really great if you’re a hard worker and appreciate everything from paté to profits. If food is your thing, then this just might be the perfect place for you!

Here at Marczyk, we practice open book management. This is in order to:

1. Teach the business of food to everyone who works here.
2. Create a team that understands how this business really works.
3. Work together on the challenges and successes of our business.

Your job here will require you to participate in weekly department SCrUMMs: Super Critical Unit Metric Meeting. You’ll learn how to report sales and labor numbers, figure percentages of profit, plan for sales-driving efforts, and so much more. We want every employee to be engaged in the financials of the business because when we all work together toward a common goal, we're much more likely to achieve it!

We work hard here. Holidays are crazy,  and there are no snow days. But we also love selling great ingredients to our customers in the neighborhood and beyond so they can cook really great food for the people they love. So if you want to work hard and love what you do, let's talk! Submit your application today!