A little ditty about Palisade peaches


It’s not the "peaches" in Palisade peaches that taste so good; it’s the "Palisade." These peaches are awesome because they come from this place on the planet.

Every element of Palisade’s place conspires to produce fruit unlike that from any anywhere else. Dry, clear mountain air combined with lofty, closer-to-the-sun orchards allow for intense and unrefracted sunlight. That makes for high pigment concentration in both fruit and skins (just like humans tanning poolside). A constant day-to-night temperature swing — very warm daytimes and super-cool nighttimes — slowly ripens and develops both the fruit sugars and the flavor molecules, as well as retains fruity acidity, giving a Palisade peach not only luscious sweetness and flavor but also tangy, snappy definition.