Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin


A reason underlies why Marczyk’s offers both an unmarinated and a marinated pork tenderloin this week. All by its lonesome, pork tenderloin is notoriously [euphemism alert:] mild in flavor. That’s why most everyone heavily seasons it before grilling, roasting or pan-searing it. Marczyk’s Marinated Pork Tenderloin merely does all that work for you; the Unmarinated Sibling is all yours, ready for your flavorings.

One suggestion is to ur-pork the tender by wrapping it in more pork, in this instance with one of the higher forms of pork itself, bacon (or prosciutto). The addition of sage leaves is a great touch, veddy Mediterranean you know.

Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin

1 pork tenderloin, 1 pound or more, at room temperature
8-10 strips bacon or prosciutto, each a foot or so in length
Several small fresh sage leaves
Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lay the strips of bacon or prosciutto, one next to the other. Lay the sage leaves on the strips. Season the pork tenderloin with salt and pepper and sear on all sides in a film of olive oil until browned. Lay the loin over the bacon strips and roll and wrap up, covering the loin completely. (Tie the roast every inch with butcher’s twine if desired.) Lay the pork seam side down and cook for 25-30 minutes, basting with the pan juices twice, until internal temperature reads 130 degrees. Rest roast for 5 minutes before slicing thin.