Chicken Breast Paillards


Pete Marczyk tells that the “number one protein sold” in these parts is “boneless, skinless chicken breast.” We’ve got a number one recipe for it here, pounding it into a paillard, a thin “cutlet” that’s usually breaded in panko crumbs before sautéing. Instead, we’re suggesting some killer Spanish potato chips, a lot more flavorful than panko.

For sides, add a heaping teaspoonful of the Char Crust rub from the paillard recipe when you cook up some rice (for all of its herbs and seasonings) and spiral a slice of Niman Ranch Uncured Prosciutto around spears of Kiowa Farms fresh asparagus (roast at 425 degrees for 7 minutes; shake the tray; roast for another 7 minutes).

Chicken Breast Paillards

2-3 servings

You’ll need:
2 boneless skinless Miller Poultry chicken breasts
3/4 bag Torres Spanish Smoked Paprika Potato Chips
2 teaspoons Char Crust Original Hickory Grilled dry-rub seasoning
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 large Amish Acres Free Range eggs, whisked
2 tablespoons ghee or clarified butter
2 tablespoons Marczyk DOP Estepa extra-virgin olive oil

Place 1 chicken breast between 2 pieces of plastic wrap (or inside clean plastic bag) and pound to an even thickness of 1/3 inch with a meat mallet or the bottom of strong-walled pint glass. Repeat with second chicken breast. Crush the potato chips well and add the seasoning mix, stirring it in well. 

Arrange three plates side by side, with the flour in first, the eggs in the second, and the crushed chips mix in the third. Lightly dredge both sides of each chicken breast in the flour, then in the eggs and then the chips, pressing down on the chips so that they adhere. Over medium-high heat, melt the ghee, add the oil, and sauté the paillards 5-6 minutes on each side or until slightly browned and cooked through yet still juicy. 

Serve with rice boiled in water or broth seasoned with the Char Crust rub and with roast asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto.