Shrimp with Tomato, Chiles, and Pepper

Lean white wine would be a go-to with this dish, but don’t pass on lighter, leaner reds either. So much goes on in this multilayered preparation that the greater flavors and heft of even a simple red wine merit attention over most any white. Just be sure the red wine being interviewed tells you that it has lots of acidity, a necessary component to allay the sugar, salt and acidity of the dish itself. Those elements make for a tasty prep, but they can be dangerous if the red wine is either low in acidity or high in tannin.

Here’s what you'll need:

16 jumbo shrimp
1 tbsp minced garlic
2 chopped red bird's eye chiles
1 tsp tomato paste
3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cracked pepper
1/3 cup Asian fish sauce
3/4 fish stock (or water)
1/2 tomato, diced
green onion & cilantro for garnish

Here’s what you do:

Makes 4 servings
Stir-fry 1 tablespoon minced garlic and 2 chopped red bird’s eye chiles in a wok in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil until fragrant, 30 seconds. Add 1 teaspoon tomato paste, 16 jumbo shrimp (peeled & deveined), and 3 tablespoons sugar. Toss to combine. Add 1 teaspoon cracked pepper, 1/3 cup Asian fish sauce, 3/4 cup fish stock or water and 1/2 tomato, diced. Increase the heat to high; heat to a simmer. Cook about 2 minutes. Transfer shrimp to a platter; reduce the sauce, 2 minutes. Pour over shrimp. Garnish with chopped green onion and cilantro. Serve with jasmine rice.

And the wines

2017 Sottomano Dolcetta d’Alba, Bric del Salto | Piedmont, Italy
Of major Italian red grapes, Dolcetto rightfully claims to have some of the more abundant acidity, its great asset at table; enjoy that here with much dark red fruit flavor, too.

2017 The Wolftrap Syrah (71%), Mourvèdre (28%), Viognier (1%) | Western Cape, South Africa
Very pretty, in aroma and flavor both; a mix of two red grapes and one white for a smooth, elegant delivery; a match in mosaic complexity for this busy dish and a sort of juicy sauce for it.

2016 Leese-Fitch Pinot Noir | California
Zing! goes the cleanup on this zestily finishing red fruit-dominant Pinot; many hints of brown spice, mushroom and vanilla for complexity.