Trout Doobies


When Marczyk Fine Foods customer John Roberts was growing up as a Boy Scout in California, he quickly grew “sick and tired of freeze-dried food.” But on his many camping trips in the Sierra Nevada as a Scout, “we could catch trout” and he quickly developed a recipe for cooking them that he calls “trout doobies.” In an earlier age, these would be called “trout nickel cigars” but this is not that age.

“They’re great for camping,” of course, says Roberts. “But also barbecues and anytime in summer when you don’t want to heat up the oven. The best part is the cleanup; you just wrap up everything afterward (in the foil) and toss.”

John and Liz Roberts’ Trout “Doobies”

Per 1 serving

1 whole “butterflied” (gutted and opened-up) trout, head section removed
Large sheet aluminum foil, 3 inches longer then length of trout
2 pats butter
3 tablespoons white wine (or lager or ale)
1 sprig rosemary
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Lay trout open in middle of sheet of foil. Add butter, wine or beer, rosemary and salt, and pepper to middle of trout. Fold foil around trout, carefully sealing the edge by rolling it over a couple times, and twist ends to seal completely so it resembles a doobie or old-fashioned cigar. 

Place trout doobies on hot grill for 15 minutes. Trout will steam-cook in its own juices. To serve, pull off grill and unwrap, being careful when opening because escaping steam will be hot. The trout flesh easily flakes off its skin.